Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Listening to Lifehouse - Everything.

you probably would not understand, if you did, it would be less special. ofcourse, every next story is special, no person is ordinary, every eye has a lot to it. moon is just illusioned that it knows a lot. the world is covered in secrets, the sound we hear is noise, the real story prefers to stay behind silence. sometimes it decides to reveal itself in the most beautiful of moments. rest is just noise, nothing else.

can you draw the line between what is real and what is just a fragment of your imagination? i sometimes dont. i am a strong beleiver in imagination and fantasies. there is this piece i made once, a long time ago when i entered this whole music thing, which i still love a lot. i think its the most 'imagination' based piece i have ever made, its available in bad mixed version in the link at the end if anyone of you want to hear, its called 'if wishes were horses', nothing too fancy, but definately very honest.

its time we stop mourning in black. you and me are. thats good enough, beautiful moments come and go, some stay with you forever, some define you, some break you and some make you. when you come across something so beautiful that it becomes eternal even if it goes 'away' on the surface, you are lucky. somethings are more beautiful because they are a bit 'away'. that there is a sky between you and your perfect world. your imagination.

because at the end of the day when you close your eyes, and use your imagination, like you did when you were a kid and wanted to visit disney land, you can go there, you can be 5 and play with your childhood friend who died, you can be 18 and tell your mom you always wanted to say you are sorry, you can go and rediscover yourself, join your other half waiting for you there and embrace your beautiful self.

stay safe friends.
--------------------- (in music ->if wishes were horses if anyone is interested what i was going on about heh)


Blogger Medha said...

haha...i was always accused of being a dreamer all my life... but hey...i m not the only 1...i have company...(mom i wish u cud read this and know that i m the only hates living in da reality)...
and guys think abt the senti stuff in life?? and imagine things other than...ummm...(u kno wot...)?? hehe...

7:25 AM  
Blogger Subhana said...

Thank you.

10:19 AM  
Blogger Deep Purple said...

if i didnt close my age and dream my childhood, i probably would be sleepless since sigh.

I have always loved your closure work and this piece is one more example of brilliance.

i reminded chachu about your clip, i should have it when he comes but in case he is late, i will figure out something here.

1:17 PM  
Blogger Nabil said...

the geo videos dont play on my pc :S

8:16 AM  
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