Sunday, November 06, 2005

lets play politics!

Listening to Godspeed you black emperor - providence

i hate it.

i absolutely hate the way things run.

its a fucking charity concert for fucks sake have some fucking soul!

and i am becoming such a hypocrite too...yay a round of applause for me is to a new, improved and shining arfu. :)

and if anyone has any audio clips of mourning people from the earthquake or any audio which kind of translates what happened at the time of the incident or the aftermath, please let me know.

bye you better, purer people :)


Blogger Fatima Qureshi said...

Everyones blessed with a little hipocrisy arfu... that doesn't make you a bad person...and if its the kind of hypocrisy that I think it is, it's sometimes for the best (if you know what I mean).

Yours sincerely,

A Pure Person (haha)

2:13 PM  
Blogger Fatima Qureshi said...

Oops i spelt hypocrisy wrong... i thought it looked funny :/

2:13 PM  
Anonymous medha said...

rite fatima...and arfu dude...u r fuming..relax...its okay...anyways this showbiz stuff is all a fa├žade...there is always a price to pay for all the fame u get... the fact that u r atleast doing something for others is a big thing...even if its as small as a doing a f@#king hypocritical concert for charity or wotever... atleast u r making some effort to make a difference...unlike the rest of the loser ppl...
and we pure?? haha...yeah rite!!

4:04 AM  
Blogger sidrah said...

hmppfff to them then, yo. if your neeyaat is good, then no worries.

and waheeyy, does that mean the other bands are actually getting paid for their performances? well, that quite kills the concept of 'charity concert' then..

7:28 AM  

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