Tuesday, September 13, 2005


today is a 'happy' day, although you and i are both sad...but you are stronger...werent you always the stronger one?

cant beleive how much things will change (on the surface) from tomorrow...

so the new noori album is out..it is so cool...ali noor is a really nice song writer, very original style of writing, the melodies all seem too dangerously familiar at times heh..but i like the album and mairey laug is my favourite...kher pretty nice nice

oooh ooh i got this really neat neat news but im not allowed to say anything till its confirmed :P


Blogger Subhana said...

Things change all the time. We should just hope and pray that they turn out positively. Jho bhi hota hai us mein Allah Subhanawatalah ki taraf se koi behtarri hoti hai.

My prayers are always with you :).

1:47 AM  

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