Saturday, September 10, 2005


days are very empty these days, i could have ranted on the blog but this be public public and besides my ranting is getting old too.

other then that i just wrote a song 5 minutes ago in the shower...that shower and sohails place i have made my best stuff so i am hoping this will turn out arright :P

and i am performing jhoot in the welcome ceremony in fast tonight...a girl from my class is singing, me and sohail being the only two rising members from the college are on the acoustic...we could have done a plugged version but i didnt want to give an average show since neither me or sohail are 'guitar players' as such...i will try to record the performance and will be 'fun' i dont know about good

other than that...3 days left. :)


Blogger Subhana said...


Oh by the way, tomorrow 09:27 am Western European Time, Jhoot by The Rising on Voice :P.

Jeg gad vide, om de ringer til mig :s ??

6:20 AM  
Blogger Natasha said...

a girl is singing? just who is this girl? lol. anyway good luck :D

12:20 PM  
Blogger arfu said...

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4:49 AM  
Blogger arfu said...

thanks subhana, sounds exciting :D

and no idea abt the danish part :P

natasha, its nida farrukh, the batch topper 4.0 gpa walee geek parhako bandee hai pretty nice voice

4:52 AM  

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