Tuesday, August 30, 2005

lala land

i really dont know what to write these days...one of those rare phases where i am totaly disconnected to myself. i think

kher our equipment is coming on 10th so yay for that...its been such a bit of an issue ever since khizar left for canada out of nowhere (his room was disney land for me...sitar, harmonium, tabla, flute, keyboard, three eelctric guitars, two acoustic guitars, bass guitar, huge ass amps, processors)...but junaid is such an ass, he underused the budget because he couldnt think of SMALL things that his uncle could have brought here (luggage problems)...HELLO?...E-BOW?...MY FAVOURITE GUITAR ACCESSORY!

other then that we finaly went to junaids other house in a freaky place in saminabad and opened up a basement htat hasnt been opened for 8 years with all the windows closed...it was all dark we didnt bring a torch for fun muhaha, were using cell phones..junaid freaked out and ran away...the place was freakier then i ever saw in any movie...the scariest bit was when i stepped down from the last step and splash my feet stepped into 8 inches of water :S...the whole place seems like some pshyco killer resort...height of coolness yaar..kasam saye...phir junaid ko daraya..he is so naiive...me and faizan pretended that i was taken over by ghosts..poor guy was already saying that his mom says there can be ghosts in there (the place IS scary waisey)..he totaly freaked out started screaming ARFU KAYA HOWA>..LETS GET OUT FROM HERE...:P

that wasnt even the funniest part...its when i threw a wrapper in the air and it landed in his lap in the dark...he ended up screaming and running like hell muhahahahahahah...PUSSSSSSSSSYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!! :D

so all we need to do now is clean up the basement inside 10 days and yeah also work out the electricity supply.

there is a really pervy named plugin in my sequencer called..."boobass"...hahaha..its for sequencing bass lines :P

itney masks pehen liye hein maye naye bhenchod...i wish things could fast forward 2 years from now


Blogger Subhana said...

Hope you stay in lala land :).

Uhm...by the way, everything at its time.

5:37 AM  
Blogger Natasha said...

after those 2 years go by, you'll be saying " i wish i could fast rewind'. and you guys are so mean. bechara junaid. you guys are just mean. but this was friggen hilarious!!!!! :D. and what kind of a person are you? you have pervy plug-ins in your sequencer. and just this afternoon, you accused me, ME an innocent little angel, for watching porn. SHAME ON YOU. S-H-A-M-E!.

3:23 PM  
Blogger arfu said...

jee nahin i wont say that i wish i could fast rewind bus...

and you cant compare watching porn with pervy plugins

11:54 PM  
Blogger Natasha said...

i can acha. kya karlo gaye? muahahaha :D

10:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

boobye ;)

7:34 AM  

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