Tuesday, August 09, 2005


so she gets 2 As and a C...i dont know how but she just does...:S..i mean imagine you signing divorce papers going to lawyers every day DURING your A level exams staying up all night NOT studying but being messed up in that shit till the morning every day and every night (getting up the next day to give the papers)...and still getting 2 As...but ofcourse she will get the usual beating up and the usual shit and a more awfult treatment then me or you can ever understand for the C.

ofcourse me was an integral part in her getting the C as well...er but kher :S coming to the other side of the pretense-'ful' universe :D

dredg - catch without arms is a pretty neat album...also been hooked to some sins of they beloved stuff...really nice violin melodies

i heard a song bandeya out of the shoaib mansoor movie coming out...and i noticed the lady's voice (NOT IN THE PATHETICALY DONE ENGLISH PORTION) in the chorus is VERY nice...the lyrics are pretty neat shit..they could have done more justice to the song...

i want to compose OSTs for movies :( *sigh*...


in quiet cold the rain will pour


and if you want something fresh to breathe download the first video here


Blogger psnob said...

hmm...since your song hasn't debut(ed?) (:s) yet, i suppose i can't ask who you are and what's the song...but wish i could hear it :) so great luck for the debut.

2:14 AM  
Blogger arfu said...

heh..well the release has been delayed again since the studio is still under construction till friday (wtf?) :S...but thanks for the luck...really need that :D

4:39 AM  

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