Tuesday, November 01, 2005

bad timing, bad timing

me sohail and faizan have a really bad throat, cold and fever.

me and sohail kee kher hai but NOT faizan...why?

cuz we have a god dam interview on a really BIG upcoming channel TOMORROW and faizan will have to sing jhoot on the acoustic and right now he sounds like atif aslam :/

he is drinking all sort of weird things to get it right, and we are hoping on a miracle :/ kher dekho :D

other than that we have no place to jamhahah we have no prep for 8th :D and we are really nervous!

more tomorrow, i have to catch some sleep

and yes, take a minute out and sign this petition


Blogger Deep Purple said...

signed the petition.

aur what is this?gala kharaab?ouch.
take tonnes of warm drinks, i.e. herbal tea(without milk) and gargle loads. also use honey in your drinks.

get well soon,and InshAllah you all will have an amazing performance and interview.

no neeed to be nervous, for now do your best to clear your throats and getting rid of the fever and everything.

get well soon y'all!

1:11 AM  
Anonymous medha said...

hey...gr8 blog...u guys r doing damn well...dont worry u'll pass this also...but ya like sadaf said..."ouch" is the word...
get well soon and tkcare...
and keep rokin!!
check out my blog if u guys have time...

5:42 AM  

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