Wednesday, November 02, 2005

great recording!

we had a show recording with CNBC today...the inernational channel who are expadning themselves in pakistan mid november...they recorded us jamming on jhoot, gardish (karavvan), aitebar (vital signs), and a blues instrumental (in which we improvized like hell and went amazing) but at the end they told us they are going to play the studio version of jhoot behind clips of us jamming. wtf lol but still was great...they asked some questions at the end about how upcoming bands and underground bands had no social acceptance...i was trying to hint them that we are not an underground band lol but what the hell :D

it went great, faizan had a fucked up throat but after drinking tons of alaichee mixed water mixed honey and what not he was amazing on vocals.

i am dead tired and really really down with flue, whole body aching, just thought i update everyone.

thanks for the good luck comments in the last post :)



Blogger Deep Purple said...

yay congrats.

there was no doubt in my mind that you guys would rock the interview.

and this word underground be bloody overrated.grr

anyways sleep tight. get well so you can prep for the concert.

12:02 PM  
Blogger Punk Dervish said...

Hey , JB has been sending this to everyone on Orkut .There is no mention of The Rising on it.Ask him to accomodate The rising in these scraps too.
jB Productions & Jilawatan

save the voices..
..before they fadeout!

8th November
Kinnaird College Amphitheatre
5:30pm sharp


Jal , eP , Call, Roxen
and appearances by Ali Zafar and other artists..

* Exclusive performance of their new songs.
* Show hosted by Amina Shafaat.
* Sound engineered by Farhad Humayun.
* Surprise Appearances by celebrities.

a month might have passed
but we havent forgotten them

( all proceeds gathered from this event will be forwarded for the
rehabilitation work at the earthquake affected areas)

a jB productions event
Cell : (0333) 4237530 - (0300) 4507357
T: (042) 8424821


3:45 AM  
Blogger arfu said...

haha, yaar its a jilawatan political thing :)...ali zafar, shiraz uppal ka naam bhi nahin hein, the posters and scraps only have the jilawatan band names on them, apparently they wanted it to be that way or something. *shrugs* since all the jilawatan bands are playing in it for free they want some recognition for it return or something

we get to play in a big concert we are happy dude :P

8:36 AM  
Blogger The Muse said...

I sing too and have been told many times about this weird alaichee medicinal thing. What exactly does the alaichee do!

And dude, CNBC! Nice.

7:26 AM  
Blogger sidrah said...

Eid mubarik to you too! I stuffed meself issh baar, like a mad woman :D happinessss, i tell you

9:35 PM  
Anonymous Medha said...

Arre Waah! so finally u guys didnt sound like atif...haha ( no offence to ne1)... but ya CNBC!! GOOD WORK!!flue and all?? get well soon...and ya..."the muse"...this is for u...alaichee and honey is just very soothing for the throat...(every grandmom's recipe)!! and...EID MUBARAK!!

11:04 AM  

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