Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Such noise

in life all the time don't you think?. Its like you travel through noise for months and at some point you realize you are surrounded by it. In fact you re breathing it, feeling it on your fingertips. Its the ways we escape from our own selves that builds up into this noise.

There are times though when they disappear, some moments of music are just surreal. I know some people can relate to it and some can not. Like listening to half light in your car and suddenly you feel you re not a part of the world outside the window. Clouds of sounds just make their way in and you can see so much. The desperation in every push of leg by the old man on his cycle when he is already tired and needs to go home and pray to the loneliness in the eyes of the eloquently suited young man with a gorgeous wife in his car. The lack of innocence in 14 year olds running out ready to clean any car window that might come in the way to that of fear in the eyes of the Aunty in her mid 30s riding with her husband on a bike. This spectrum of emotions seem to come through, having no relation whatsoever with the lyrical content of the song. Just the texture of the sound, the rhythm and the lack of noise.


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